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Pineapple Collective is an education and content strategy agency that works to provide natural health and wellness brands with the resources they need to captivate, educate and excite their consumers.

Today’s consumers are looking for more from the products they purchase and the brands they choose to trust. They’re concerned about what they put in, and on their body, and are looking for a greater level of transparency, authenticity, and value. Your brand has the answers they’re looking for, and we’re here to help you lead the conversation, and communicate your message in the most engaging way possible!

Whether you’re looking to build a strong community, inspire your consumers, or position yourself as a trusted source of information, Pineapple Collective can help you achieve your business goals and stand out amongst the noise.

What makes us different? We’re more than just marketers; not only do we have a strong background in nutrition, health and wellness, it’s our way of life. We understand exactly why your story is important, and that’s why we’re passionate about helping you tell it. We deliver an anything but average approach that inspires, educates, and creates lasting memorable impressions.

Investing in your education and content strategy can increase brand awareness, loyalty, and market share.

“Consumers who are educated about a product or brand are 97% more likely to tell friends and family about their experience and 94% more satisfied with their purchase.” (Source)

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The Pineapple Difference

This isn’t just about marketing. It isn’t about creating awareness for your product, or selling people on it’s features or benefits.

It’s about giving your customers something more. It’s about educating them, empowering them, and providing them with real answers to the questions they have, and solutions to the problems they are faced with.

It’s about creating a memorable impression that’s ‘anything but average’.

It’s about setting your brand up for success in a noisy world, and getting lasting results for your investment.

It’s teaching your customers about what sets you apart, being insanely helpful, and helping them choose you time and time again.

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Our team brings over a decade’s worth of experience in education, wellness marketing and the natural products industry. We provide you with the expertise and passion to bring your project to life in a way that no other agency can. Our innovative approach involves comprehensive research, social and trend monitoring, and in-depth market analysis to create a clear and actionable roadmap that helps you achieve your business goals, engage your audience, and create long lasting brand advocates.

We currently offer services that include:

Education Strategy

Content Marketing

Brand Storytelling

Packaging Design & Nutrition Communications

Product Innovation


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Lynsey Walker

Lynsey Walker

Founder & Director of Content Marketing
Lynsey Walker is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and holds an MSc. in Human Health & Nutritional Science from the University of Guelph. Known for her enthusiastic spirit, and persistent drive to always be learning, Lynsey has a dynamic resume in the natural product industry, holding various sales, marketing and product development roles, including one as the former Education Manager for Genuine Health. With this unique insight to the industry, she has a deep understanding as to what resonates with both retailers and consumers, and the invaluable need to have engaging content (both written and visual) to build awareness, trust, and community. As the former author of the popular blog lynsey loves food, Lynsey has worked with numerous wellness brands, helping them to amplify their message through engaging copy, beautiful photography, and mouthwatering recipes. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post,, Fitness Magazine, Viva Magazine, Alive Magazine, The Kitchn, Buzzfeed,, and Lynsey currently lives in downtown Toronto with her husband Bret and can be found riding her bike all over the city, fermenting kombucha, sipping on patios (weather permitting), and cooking her heart out in her kitchen.

Emma Andrews

Emma Andrews

Co-Founder & Director of Education
Emma Andrews is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), New Product Development Professional (NPDP), national public speaker, and endurance athlete based in Vancouver, BC. Known for her infectious energy, relentless drive, and an ‘anything but average’ approach to education, Emma has led hundreds of events for consumers and retailers across North America. As the former Education & Innovation Manager for Vega, Emma led the development of an industry-leading retail education strategy, strategic reformulations, and product launch initiatives. Specializing in natural health sports nutrition and longevity, Emma’s work has appeared in print and online publications including HuffPost Canada, Yahoo Living,,, Trail Running Canada, Natural Foods Merchandiser, Whole Foods Magazine, and Alive Magazine. Emma received her BA from the University of Calgary and is also certified in Plant-Based Cooking. When Emma’s not eating her way through Vancouver’s amazing gastro scene, or creating recipes in her kitchen playground, she’s food trend hunting around North America where she and her husband Chris love to travel. Or you’ll find her running Vancouver’s seawall, training for her next destination race. Emma’s goal is to complete the six world marathon majors by 2025.


  • Every natural products brand wants to cultivate authentic connection with shoppers, but not all brands have the on-the-ground experience that Lynsey and Emma bring to that task. They are true mavens in new marketing strategies, from crafting compelling influencer content to imagining and executing in-store demo programs. I’m delighted to recommend them to other brands who want to launch new products successfully or simply increase brand awareness with healthy lifestyle consumers.

    Radha Marcum, Director of Marketing, Vibrant Health Products

  • “We’ve been working with Pineapple Collective for several months. The first thing that struck me is their modern, up to date and innovative approach to Marketing. You’re not getting the cookie cutter, over-played brand building strategies. Instead, they feel more like an extension of the team, working on long term sustainable tactics, which deliver ROI and speak to our consumers. The heart and genuine thoughtfulness that they put into their work on our brand always shines through and we look forward to many more successful projects!”

    Simona Irwin, Director of Sales, KABRITA USA

  • “We started working with Lynsey in support of the launch of our new line of grass-fed dairy because her philosophy was perfectly aligned with our product offerings. The recipes she developed for us have been beautifully crafted and photographed and helped lend a “face” to a new brand in the Canadian market, and credibility from the nutritional community. Additionally, Lynsey was instrumental in developing educational content for our website as well as sales team! Lynsey’s unending enthusiasm has been infectious around the office and we truly relish every opportunity to work together. Her blog has been crucial in driving awareness around our brand and visits to our website as well as social media.”

    Lauren Keegan, Director of Sales, GreenSpace Brands

  • "What a pleasure working with the entire Pineapple Collective team! It’s truly inspiring to collaborate with intelligent marketers who deeply understand consumer needs and industry trends. They have been invaluable in translating insights into actionable tactics."


    Annie Salsberg, ND Senior Manager Medical Engagement & Education, KABRITA USA

  • "We identified brand education as an essential component of our go-to-market strategy for our innovative product range, and the Pineapple Collective team came highly recommended to help us develop our messaging. From start to finish, the experience of working with Emma and Lynsey was fantastic – they approached the project with great intelligence and professionalism, and have a huge database of industry knowledge to tap into. We were delighted with the final deliverable and wouldn’t hesitate to use Pineapple’s services again."

    John Garrad-Cole, CEO & Founder, Sproos


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